The Super Saturday Program Teacher Portal

The Parent Association for Gifted Education, Inc. approved a policy on October 18, 2010, requiring all volunteers and employees of PAGE who may engage in unsupervised contact with students to have a criminal background check through fingerprinting, substantially equivalent to the check described in O.R.C. 109.572 as said statute pertains to checks under O.R.C. 3319.39. Under this policy, teachers and substitute teachers are required to have a background check on file prior to teaching. Except as noted in the policy, PAGE will reimburse individuals for their criminal record checks, per established procedures. Copies of the policy are available upon request.

Please contact us to receive the background check form. There are two forms, one for those who have had a criminal background check completed within the past year, another for a new check.

Per PAGE policy, we will only accept official copies of your existing BCI check. We will not accept scans, emails or other facsimilies. Official copies can be mailed to:
ATTN: BCI Coordinator
PO BOX 43385
Cincinnati, OH 45243